Resident Evil Village gameplay footage drops, confirms camera mode


If you’re already tired of seeing images of Lady Dimitrescu all over the internet, get ready for a lot more once Resident Evil Village arrives. The first gameplay footage of Capcom’s horror has dropped, showing that players will be able to capture the 9-foot 6-inch beauty using its photo mode.

IGN published a five-minute clip of the next Resi running on a PlayStation 4 Pro in all its 4K/60fps glory. During the now-famous cutscene in which Lady Dimitrescu speaks on the phone with the mysterious Mother Miranda, the bottom right of the screen reveals that hitting the Option button can skip the scene or enter a photo mode—something Resident Evil 7 lacks. There’s also a very cool moment when the lady hurls her dresser across the room.

Elsewhere, we see protagonist Ethan wandering Castle Dimitrescu’s cellars and blasting/stabbing some hooded creatures in the first-person perspective that first appeared in Resi 7. It is running on a last-gen PS4 Pro, so the textures and lighting don’t exactly pop, but expect the game to look a lot better on the PC and PS5/Xbox Series X/S.

We recently heard that Capcom was embracing the cult-like status attained by Lady Dimitrescu by advertising Village using 1:1 scale standees, which have been appearing at gaming outlets in Hong Kong and Japan. She’s also been spotted on the side of Hong Kong buses.

Fans of snu-snu might want to check out 6’9″ model Ekaterina Lisina (below), who makes the best Lady Dimitrescu we’re ever likely to see.